Post-Scaling & Root Planing Instructions

Please read and follow these instructions.  They will make you more comfortable and will help to reduce any possible complications.


Continue brushing and flossing as regular in the non-treated areas.   For the treated area, use an extra soft post-operative toothbrush for the first three days.  You should be able to return to your normal routine for all teeth after 3 days.  GO EASY with brushing and flossing in the treated area at first but make every effort to keep your teeth clean.  We recommend rinsing with warm salt water (¼ teaspoon salt to 8 oz. water) several times on the first day.


Some discomfort is to be expected after the anesthesia wears off.  Usually taking a couple of Tylenol or Motrin will help.  Motrin (Advil): 600mg and/or Tylenol: 1 tab every 6 hours can be used to reduce pain. Sensitivity to cold or touch may occur.  Anti-sensitivity toothpaste may reduce or eliminate root sensitivity after several days of use.  


For at least the first few days or longer, soft/cold foods should be eaten such as yogurt, mashed potatoes, applesauce, Ensure drinks, soups, and eggs. Avoid hot foods/liquids, spicy/acidic foods and hard, crunchy foods like peanuts, popcorn, rice, chips, and hard bread for at least the first few days even you are able to eat on the opposite side.  Chewing should only be done on the opposite side and away from the treated area.


Slight bleeding may continue for several hours following the procedure.  This is not unusual and should stop.  If bleeding persists beyond 24 hours, please call.


Very seldom does swelling occur.  If it does, rinse your mouth every couple of hours with warm salt water. If swelling persists beyond 24 hours, please call.


Please refrain from smoking and alcoholic beverages during the post-surgical period, as wound healing and medication interactions may occur.  Smoking and alcohol slows down and interferes with healing.


Avoid any strenuous activity for the rest of the day such as jogging, weightlifting, etc . Take it easy.


Please follow the instructions on the bottle for any medications prescribed. Remember to eat some food before you take medications if you can to help your stomach. Ask the pharmacy for all directions.  If any adverse reactions to medications should arise, such as nausea, itching, swelling, or any allergic symptoms, please contact the office or Doctor immediately and discontinue all medications that might be causing the problem.


During regular business hours, you can call the office at:

Placerville: (530) 626-6320
El Dorado Hills: (916) 941-0604
Citrus Heights: (916) 965-1200

AFTER hours: Please contact Dr. State at (415) 577-0618 or Dr. Pham at (909) 533-8888

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    *Please note this is an appointment request only. You will be contacted by our team to schedule your appointment.